If you are looking to get rid of your old car and are searching for a new one it is worth trying to find a dealer who is willing to do a trade in deal, as if they are it is a quick and easy option and could prove worth it even though you might not get as much money for the vehicle, it saves a lot of hassle and time and as we all know, time = money. Part exchange is always worth looking at.

If you do go down the trade in route make sure to use some of the tips given on the other pages. For it is still very much worthwhile having a good idea of the market value of your car in order to prevent the dealer from giving you a bad price and discount price on your next new car. Remember that the discount you receive will not necessarily match the price of your used cars market value or the amount you would make off the car if you sold it privately, but this sacrifice could be worth it if you are strapped for time and need some new wheels soon.

For example, if you have a used Renault Megane which is worth approximately £4,000 and you want to part exchange it with a dealer for a Lexus GS which is worth £8,500, you probably won't receive the full valuation for your Megane.

The dealer will probably offer to take the Megane off your hands and let you have the second hand Lexus GS for £5,500, thus making himself around a £1,000 on your vehicle. By selling the model seperately for £4,000 you would only need to put up another £4,500 for the Lexus so it is always worth exploring all avenues before you come to a final decision.