Used Car Price Check

Before you put your car up for sale on an online advertising website there are a number of factors you need to consider to ensure that you price it correctly. Buyers use various filters to sort through thousands of cars so it is up to you to place a competitive price tag on your motor in order to generate the most exposure for it.

There are many variables which have an impact upon a car’s value and in some cases it will depend on the type of vehicle it is. For example, a small dent on a 2012 Audi R8 will have a much more significant impact on its price than a small dent on a 2005 second hand Saab 9-3.

What you need to think about before valuing your motor:

Age – Of course this will seem obvious but it’s the single greatest depreciator when it comes to cars, i.e. the older it is the less money you’ll get for it.

Mileage – This is also one of the first things people look at when they are searching for a used car, although it can be quite specific to the model in cases. For example, a used Audi A3 with 70,000 miles on will be an attractive proposition to most buyers as such cars can comfortably go for 120,000 miles or more without any problems. However, a second hand Suzuki Swift with 70,000 miles on would struggle to sell at all, considering that most of those miles will have been probably covered over short distances in and around town.

Condition – What state is your vehicle in? It really is not worth trying to sugar coat this when you come to advertise as buyers will see right through it and be unlikely to trust you. Again, how the condition of your car affects its price will depend on the model. A Land Rover Defender which is covered in mud on the outside with a few scratches is unlikely to deter anyone who will probably be using it for the same purposes.

The market – Before you settle on a price for the car which you are selling one of the best things you can do is look online and do some searches for similar vehicles. This should give you a decent idea of what kind of price you can expect to get for your motor.